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    Caitlin Troilo began her career in the paper industry in 2006. She has always had a love of crafts and scrapbooking, printing and design came naturally. She founded KK’s Printing & Stationery in 2011 and quickly became one of the top printers in Virginia’s Piedmont. Caitlin has a huge family who supports her passion. The name “KK’s” actually came from a nickname her niece gave Caitlin when she was little! Caitlin strives for perfection and loves working with engaged couples and corporate clients in setting the tone for their wedding day, business, or event.



    Raven is married to Caitlin's brother. She wanted to return to work after having their first child, TJ. Raven and TJ started their career at KK's in October of 2012, when he was 3 months old. Raven never thought she would be in the paper industry, but she is killing it! Raven is the Vice President of Operations. She is very meticulous when it comes to details. She is usually behind closed doors and never seen, but guaranteed to make your end product absolutely stunning. Raven loves taking projects home to work on, so she can spend time with her husband Peppe, son, TJ and daughter, Colbie. Colbie is the newest team member of KK's who also works with us daily.